Nannys Nursery School - Sheryl Westerdale of Nanny's nursery is not to be trusted with children

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This is just one of many samples of the disgusting things this woman has to say. She has harassed an entire family of people she barely knows, wishing death, throwing around sick verbal insults, saying shes laughing her *** off because of the death of a family member, etc. She's sick and shouldn't be trusted with children.

Sheryl Westerdaleposted toNanny's Nursery School & Day Care Inc.

November 16, 2011 at 2:38pm ·

Sheryl Westerdale

Well the wedding is OVER Paul and I celebrated that we never have to see the *** bag again. I would only like to see him in a coffin to spit in his face. The psychic said my ex husband is a mean and hateful man who is going to get a dreadful disease let's all hope MS or ALS would be nice and his wife can change his diapers and wipe his ***. YEAH



Anyone who knows Sheryl Westerdale knows the abuse and harassment from this sick man Gary Lounsbury who should not n

Be around children

1. He is abusive

2. Children should not ride in a car because of his seizure activity

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These are all lies about the owner of Nanny's Nursery her ex husband Gary Lounsbury was an abusive man who not only verbally abuses her and physically abused her continues to through his new family who are loosers and jealous of her fine reputation in the community . She divorced him years ago I saw the marks he put on her. He is a beast who has no life

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When you google the owner (Sheryl Westerdale) the first thing to come up is a comment she made wishing someone gets MS and dies. The rest of the results are negative reviews and state violations for her business.

Reading the comments from the violations leads me to believe that the staff there have a policy of blaming the children first when an incident occurs, rather than following the guidelines set up by the state for daycare.

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